A New One Week Records! – Membership, Streaming, and Zach Quinn


May 16th is another big day for me and One Week Records. Today we release Zach Quinn’s (PEARS) One Week Record – our first release since last May 16th. There’s a lot more to talk about in addition to this amazing record. Our new web platform means a new experience for the listener and the artist.


In addition to multi-format download options, when you purchase records you will have access to stream them in your own private OWR portal on this site. Buy, login, and immediately start listening. Bookmark your portal on your phone or your computer and come back easily and often to indulge.


Zach’s record is just the start of what we have in store for you.  We’re excited for a future of releases from artists you love and releases from artists you don’t know you love yet.  Our new free membership program is simple and easy.  You sign up as a member when you buy your record.  You immediately get the records at the member price of $5.  In the future when we release a record, we charge you the $5 member price and you automatically receive the record a week early.  You can opt out whenever you want.  The membership is free.  The records cost very little.  The music is amazing.

Limited time discount on full OWR catalog!

In honor of Zach’s record release, the new web site, and these new features we want to invite you to become a member and get all previous releases at a huge discount.  For $20 you can have all eight releases for download and streaming.  This includes Zach Quinn, Chris Cresswell from Flatliners, and other favorites you may have seen on our OWR tours – Brian Wahlstrom, Walt Hamburger, Laura Mardon, Betty and the Boy, and Jo Bergeron.  The full catalog purchase is also the only way to get my One Weekend Record of five acoustic Lagwagon & Bad Astronaut covers.

Click here to purchase the catalog for $20

Please browse, listen, buy, and enjoy. Thanks

-Joey Cape