Launching One Week Outsiders and first release: Gods Of Mount Olympus

One Week Outsiders Launch from One Week Records on Vimeo.

Hey Everybody,

I’m excited to launch a concept called One Week Outsiders.  For many years I’ve been exposed to new, fully recorded, independent records that people need to hear. For one reason or another, many of these bands don’t have a traditional label or outlet distribute their music, which makes it tough for them to get heard. I want to change that.

One Week Outsiders is an entirely new way to get great music in the hands of people I think will love it. It doesn’t fit the traditional One Week Records model, but we have an opportunity to do something different and give bands a launching pad that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Gods of Mount Olympus is the first One Week Outsider release. These guys have a very original sound, something I haven’t heard before and totally I love it. I hope you do too.  If you’re a member, go listen to it.  If you’re not, go buy it!