Walt Hamburger goes where no one weeker has gone before, TV!

Walt Hamburger goes where no one weeker has gone before, TV! after charming the pants off of the hosts, Walt plays “A Thousand Roads” and “International You Day” check it!

An interview with Walt Hamburger

Me: Hey Walt, do you have a nickname for your guitar?

Walt: I call it Blue. Or the brewer guitar. Both super creative, insightful names.

Me: What is it you love about cats?

Walt: It’S not so much just cats, but animals in general. Pet rescue has always been how I went about adopting my own monsters, and in the past few years I’Ve gotten more involved directly with the rescues. I just love animals, it’s that simple. My best friend does too, and she started fostering cats a few years ago, which is how I got involved. Three of those guys ended up being what we call “failed fosters” in the volunteer business. Essentially, as a foster parent our job is get the kitten healthy enough to be adopted….by someone else. but those three ended up with me forever. We also have some sanctuary cats, which essentially means they have health problems that prevent them from ever being adoptable. So we provide them with the best life possible, whether that means 2 weeks or 5 years or longer. I’M just the assistant, my friend is the real hero. The two rescues I raise money for at my shows are Valley Cats http://www.valleycatsrescue.org/ and Oars. You can read more about that at http://www.postcrescent.com/story/life/2015/03/09/play-time-fox-valley-musician-helps-animal-shelters/24660035/.

Me: What is your fake middle name?

Walt: Danger…. duh

Me: Word on the street is that you are a high ranking member in Scientology, what’s up with that?

Walt: I mean….I dunno how that info got out, but if Joey finds out…oh boy.

Me: Who do you like better, Joey or me. be honest.

Walt: My official answer is Laura Mardon. Buy her record!

Me: What city are you most looking forward to playing in, on the OWR fall tour?

Walt: Well, I honestly can’t say there’s a city I’M not excited to play. Vancouver, Denver, Vegas, LA, SF, Portland, NYC, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis all rank up there. But I’m most excited for Montreal. From what I heard Joey can’t walk down the street there without wearing disguises. I will happily ride those coattails! And if I didn’t mention your city, interview reader, it’s just because I haven’t seen the whole list of cities yet.


get the record!